The Work We Do

When the Nehemiah Project began, our first priority as an organization was treating pregnant women who were living with HIV/AIDS in order to ensure they have a healthy baby.

If a pregnant woman tested positive for HIV/AIDS, The Nehemiah Project was committed to providing care and support.  If the woman was willing, she, along with the father-to-be, are brought from their village to Ukhrul Town (the main town of the District) where they met with a doctor we had partnered with, Dr. Nelson.  When it was time to deliver the baby, we strongly advised women to be in the town, so they could deliver under the care of Dr. Nelson, dramatically decreasing the chances of passing on HIV to the baby.  All traveling and medical expenses, including delivery, were paid for by The Nehemiah Project.

Over the past several years, the Indian Government, the hospitals, and the doctors in the Manipur area have been trained and educated on the proper procedures required to safely deliver babies to HIV infected women. As the local governments have taken on this responsibility, our focus has shifted to the care and support of those children that have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. We currently support 20 children in the Nehemiah Children’s Home in Ukhrul, India.


A family living in Ukhrul with two children living free of HIV


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